Sí Señor

From the Breakdancing days as a boy in Braintree to the flatlands of West Norfolk, Its a long way via Wolverhampton, Leicester the gigged pubs and couches of London to beats and bleeps of Manchester.

Why the name well after the damp summer and a cold winter we all crave a holiday in the UK, and its early package holidays to spain that kept me warm in the winter, influenced buy the hope of a long bright hot summer and at least 2 weeks away.

Maybe I’m a strange puzzle of damaged romantic hopes, but am still excited and hold dreams and hopes for the future, and the future of the human race. Influenced by troubles, families ,relationships ,night clubs and Blade Runner esque sun sets.

I like making honest music and love that feeling you get when you hear something that takes you to different places and destinations while you stand still.

Si Señor is music by Nick Stapleton, with bass on these tracks by the wonderful fingers of Tony Mason, Written by Nicholas Stapleton and with additional studio production and mastering skills from Michael Langley Big Noise Audio.