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“man I love this. its sooo different. Its a bit like if Jona Lewis took a load of acid while listening to The The. Great stuff. Its very hard to be original and you have achieved it.”


Tom Robinson of BBC6 Music (on BBC 6music Introducing) review from his fresh net blog for the song For The Young.

Si Senor’s Nick Stapleton has taken the KLF proposition that The Groove’s The Thing to heart on “For The Young”. The interplay of beats and bass are smack in the pocket and the production is sparse and simple – exactly what’s needed to support the song. This nice tight radio edit motors along as effortlessly as a Bentley. This is still early work from Si Senor, and promises great things in the year ahead.


Tom Robinson of BBC6 Music Second Review (on BBC 6music Introducing) review from his fresh net blog for the song Polo Heart.

Si Señor is a band led by by Nick Stapleton, with Tony Mason on bass. The two met at Wolverhampton Art College, but the band are now based in Manchester, while the name Si Señor /Yes Sir was influenced by numerous winter holidays to Spain in order to escape the British weather! While their other material has more of a dance vibe to it, ‘Polo Heart’ is a slower but warm electronic pop track, with a great melody and interesting vocals that remind me a little of Lloyd Cole.


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Combine the musical craftsmanship of Norfolk lad Nick Stapleton, with the expert bass fingers of Tony Mason and a pinch of production prowess from Michael Langley and you get Alt-Rock outfit Si Senor. Having heard their few forward-thinking offerings, and with them already generating some notable interest, we have our ears pricked for whatever comes next.

CF Verdict:

Front man Nick has been a postman, a designer and is also no stranger to the music scene, supporting the likes of King Creosote in a former band and gracing gigs throughout London, Liverpool and Manchester. Si Senor speak of their brushes with success in the past and never quite making the mark – but we’re counting on them capturing some well-deserved attention this time around.

They have already received an emphatic nod for their optimistic, electro-entwined indie jam ‘For the Young’, featuring on BBC Radio 6’s ‘Introducing’ in March of this year with its infectious funk infused bass, contemplations of young love, bouncing guitar jangle and lines of harmonica woven in seamlessly.

The two-track teaser on the Si Senor Soundcloud bears a loose resemblance to something the Gorillaz may have served up around the time of ‘Melancholy Hill’, a bit of woozy romanticism, and yet still with an awareness of life’s little serious idiosyncrasies, a warm, comforting shoulder of sound to rest your head on.

Rather than adopting the elusive stance ordinarily taken by artists falling under this far-reaching Alt-Rock mushroom, one of the most arresting things about Si Senor is their understated, accessible positivity and slightly rose-tinted outlook emerging through the thread of their music. Nick muses, ‘maybe I’m a strange puzzle of damaged romantic hopes, but I am still excited and hold dreams for the future’.

‘The Hidden’ is led by swooning space-y synth swoops and chord sequences held together by its leisurely pace, invoking deities Flight of the Concords. As Si Senor sing ‘I want a little bit of difference, from another place’ there is something of Patrick Wolf captured in its low toned vocalism, but without the same cloak of mournfulness.

Admittedly, we are not certain whether the line which precedes this in the chorus is ‘What a little bit of difference’ a ‘scream’ or ‘Ice-cream’ makes, but the Spanish influence soaking through the sunset-meets-sea synth lines, kissed by boulevard-stroll Latino acoustics make us think that an ice-cream would not go amiss in any case.

Yes sir, indeed. Si Senor are a blast of fresh air, breathing well furnished indie-tronics, Latin funk and holiday hopefulness into the Alt-Rock seascape: we think that they are sat on a peninsula of promise, and we’re enjoying the view. More to come soon – fingers crossed.